These 8 Storage Furniture Pieces Will Magically De-Clutter Your House

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Avalanche of kids’ toys, unfolded laundry, and yet-to-be sorted mail taking over your house? This storage furniture is coming to your rescue.

1. Storage ottoman

These versatile pieces of furniture can be incorporated into bedrooms, living rooms, and basements and are as functional as they are stylish. They look great at the end of the bed as a place to stash extra bedding, blankets or that mountain of stuffed animals your children refuse to part with. In a living room or basement, they make for excellent additional seating, footrests or even a coffee table while doubling as a spot to throw toys, games, or craft supplies. Here are other storage hacks that banish clutter.

2. storage bench

Perfect for any entryway, this bench provides a spot to sit with shelves or cubbies underneath so shoes are accessible while staying picked up off the floor. If you find there isn’t much of a need for extra seating in this part of the house, position a few cute canvas boxes on the bench portion as a catch-all for outdoor-wear like scarves, hats and sunglasses. For added organization, arrange a row of coat hooks on the wall above. 

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