The Cutest Dog Breeds That You Definitely Need to Know About

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7. Dachshund

Two months old dachshund puppy smooth eating from a white bowl.

Another quintessentially adorable dog that we just have to include on the list of the cutest dog breeds? The dachshund. As the AKC explains, these dogs are known for their long and low bodies. Less commonly known? They come in three coat varieties: smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired — all of which are equally adorable, if you ask us. These dogs can also be either miniature or standard size. In either case, they’re smart and spunky.

8. English setter

English setter dog breed

The English setter numbers among the cutest dog breeds not only because of his beautiful coat, but also thanks to his friendly but mellow personality. As the AKC puts it, “Beneath the showy coat is a well-balanced hunterstanding about 25 inches at the shoulder. The graceful neck carries a long, oval-shaped head proudly, and the dark brown eyes convey a soft expression that reflects the breed’s sweet soul.” The AKC also notes that you could call the English setter “the gentleman of the dog world.” These dogs have a happy, agreeable temperament, but they’re also mellow and eager to please.

9. Finnish Lapphund

Finnish lapphund dog running

Another lesser-known breed, the Finnish Lapphund, ranks among the cutest dog breeds thanks to his beautiful coat and adorably alert face. The AKC reports that these dogs stand only 20 inches at the shoulder but have surprising strength for their size. They also have calm and friendly personalities, though many act reserved toward strangers. They have sweet faces and beautiful curved tails, and they’re alert and energetic without getting hyper.

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