The Best Under-Bed Storage Solutions to Hide the Clutter

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When you were a kid and your parents asked you to clean up your room, there are two places where toys would inevitably wind up: in the closet and under the bed. Now that you’re a grownup, you’re in charge of cleanup time, but the desire to hide the clutter under the bed still hasn’t gone away. To take advantage of this ultimate hiding space, while still keeping everything tidy, invest in under-bed organizers that keep sweaters, shoes, and more in their place. When the clutter’s stashed in these stylish containers, no one will guess what’s really lurking under your bed.

1. Best for: Storing Linens

Not only is this rattan storage bin seriously stylish (it is perfect for a beach house), but the cotton lining makes it breathable, so it’s great for storing delicate sweaters or linens you want to keep fresh.

2. Best for: Joanna Gaines-Inspired Style

If you’re going for the modern farmhouse look, let this striped storage bin peek out under the bed. Use it to stash bills, papers, or treasured mementos.

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