Here Are 25 Genius Life Hacks Exclusively For Women. Life Just Got Way Better For Them.

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Being a woman (or living with women) can be complicated. No offense to the men of the world, but the personal things women have to deal with on a daily basis tend to be more confusing and stressful than what mean encounter. (Seriously, have you ever attempted making a waterfall braid?) That’s why these life hacks are so amazing. Whether you’re a woman or not, they’ll bring a sense of organization and accomplishment to your life. Loose bobby pins, makeup cases and weird stains are a thing of the past. These tips are seriously epic.

1.) Attach a magnetic strip to the bathroom wall so that your bobby pins can stay in one place.

2.) Use socks and a hair dryer to stretch out and break in your new flats in just a few minutes.

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