9 surprisingly useful things you can do with a bungee cord

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Uses For Bungee Cords

5. Prevent Grocery Bag Spills

Have you ever loaded your groceries into you car, only to have them all spill out of the bags by the time you get home? So frustrating! But you can easily keep your grocery bags upright with just a bungee cord. Feed it through both the handles of each bag, then secure the cord around the headrest of one of your car seats.

Uses For Bungee Cords

You can also implement this system in the back of your car. Just feed the bungee cord through both handles on each grocery bag. Then hook the ends of the cord on either side of your car!

6. Keep Trash Bags Secure

It drives me nuts when my trash bags slip down into my garbage can. If you’re struggling with this very annoying problem, you can solve it with a bungee cord! Just put your trash bag in place, then wrap a bungee cord around around the rim of the trash can. Hook the cord to itself to secure the cord keep your trash bag in place.

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