9 Storage Solutions For Small Homes When Finding Extra Space Seems Impossible

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I’m a New York City apartment dweller, which means storage space is kind of like solid gold. It’s why I’m also perpetually on the hunt for sneaky tips and hacks for small living spaces. If I don’t get creative and actually find relatively neat-looking places for my stuff to go, I basically living in a cluttered and disorganized pile of clothes and Tupperware (i.e: I go insane).

For those of you who don’t live in a small space, think of it like this: You know all that stuff you store in your basement, your attic, your random big hallway closet, your spare bedroom? Now imagine your basement, attic, hallway closet, and spare bedroom disappeared, and you were left with figuring out how to fit all your belongings into about three rooms. Are you starting to see what us apartment people are up against?

And sure, on some level living in a small space means you get really good at downsizing and parting ways with things you don’t really need or use. But at the end of the day, there’s no getting around the fact that you need somewhere to put your winter clothes, your extra sheets, and all your various pots and pans.

So the name of the game becomes getting creative with storage and — perhaps most importantly — investing in pieces that have multiple uses. If you live in a small space, or are getting ready to downsize, here are nine creative storage solutions for your space:

1. Under The Bed

OK, so you’re probably thinking this one is obvious. But a lot of people don’t utilize their under-bed storage space as much as they could, nor do they make under-bed storage as convenient for themselves as possible. For example, you can use bed risers to elevate your bed and give yourself more space underneath, and purchase plastic tubs on wheels to make actually accessing your stuff super easy.

2. Magnetic Wall Storage

I’ve been using magnetized wall organizers in my home office space for about a year (and by “office space” I mean the desk I keep in my bedroom). The magnetized compartments take up unused wall space instead of desk or drawer space, and the fact that there are multiple shapes and sizes means you can customize your compartments to what you need — whether it’s for pencils, loose-leaf papers, paintbrushes, etc.

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