8 Storage Solutions to Maximize Your Hidden Bedroom Space

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Stuck in a small bedroom? If it feels like you don’t have room for extra storage, look again—there’s plenty of space in the spots you’re not paying attention to. From the space under your bed to the backs of your doors (and to the decor and furniture options you may not have thought of) these storage solutions have you covered so you can hide your extra things in plain sight.

Under the Bed Solutions

DIY your own rolling storage crates

For a super easy under-bed storage option, add wheels to crates so you can just slide them out when you need something, and roll them back in when you’re done. You’ll have to find crates (or even reuse old drawers) that will fit under your specific bed, but you can use this tutorial from I Can Teach My Child to help.

Build an epic bed out of cabinets

If you want to take things to a whole new level, you can build a bed full of hidden storage. Take a cue from Oh Yes, and use kitchen cabinets (and a whole lot of creativity) to make your own raised bed full of space for everything you want to hide out of sight, without sacrificing space in your bedroom.

Behind the Door Storage

Add rails and hooks

You could hang a simple set of over-the-door hooks, or you can totally customize your back-of-door storage to your needs with various hooks and rails, like in this example from Better Homes & Gardens. Hang clothes, accessories, shoes—whatever you need.

Hang collapsible storage

For temporary storage that you can use when you’re doing laundry, ironing or planning your outfits, hang a collapsible door valet like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond. It’ll be there for you when you need it, but fold back up easily when you’re done.

Decor That Does Double-Duty

A mirror with accessories storage

You can add extra storage without sacrificing floor space—just take advantage of vertical space by adding useful hidden storage to your walls. This mirror from Hayneedle can either mount to the wall or hang on the back of a door, and it opens up to reveal space to organize jewelry and other accessories.

A DIY desk that folds into a mirror (or art!)

You can store an entire desk or table on your wall as well, and cleverly disguise it as a mirror or a piece of framed art. This tutorial from Handimania shows how you can build it yourself—and if you don’t want a mirror, you can always add a print or photos in its place.

Handy Closet Hacks

Add cubes for more storage

If you don’t have room for a dresser—or just don’t want one in plain sight—you can use storage cubes to take advantage of the space on the bottom of your closet. This tutorial from A New Bloom shows how to upgrade the usual fabric cube boxes, and it works perfectly for storing folded clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Install pegboard inside

Adding pegboard to the walls of your closet gives you space to hang accessories like belts and bags off to the sides without taking away from your existing hanging closet space. And if you don’t have the room or ability to install it all over your closet, you can always just add it to part of a wall or the back of the door, like in this example from Martha Stewart.

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