7 Storage Spots You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

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White bookshelves

1. The Two or More Feet of Space Above Any Door

In a bathroom, that’s an ideal spot to store spare towels, toiletries, or paper goods. Just install a shelf with brackets (Ekby Lerberg bracket, $2; and Ekby Osten shelf, $7: ikea.com) right above the door’s molding. Keep a slim stepstool nearby for easy access.

Small Silver York Open Stack Basket and Kableflags

2. The Under-Side of a Desk

This makes a great space to keep cords hidden but within reach. Affix a wire basket (Small York Open Stack Basket, $15, containerstore.com) beneath the surface with screw hooks (available at hardware stores), and set the surge protector inside. Label cords (Kableflags, $7 for 10, containerstore.com) to see at a glance which belong to each device.

White kitchen cabinets

3. Inside a Kitchen Cabinet Door

Clear up clutter and avoid annoying jammed drawers by hanging attachments for a blender or a mixer using 3M Command hooks ($16 for 9, staples.com). You can use the same technique for ladles, measuring spoons, and other large utensils, as well as for keeping potholders at the ready near the stove.

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