7 Genius Hacks for Living in a Small Space

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As many of you know, we’re full-time nomads so we’ve already experienced living in small spaces for awhile; small apartments and small Airbnb’s. And I understand how it can be hard find places for storing everything. Not to mention, keeping everything in order and clutter free can make the situation overwhelming.

So to help you out, I’ve gathered down below some genius tips and hacks that’ll help you maximize your space. These are awesome ideas that will give you more room and make your place look amazing in no time. So try them out and let me know what you think!

1. Utilize the Space Under the Stairs

Usually, the space under your stairs are left unused and wasted. So instead, put them to good use turn them into a functional space. You can create a simple book nook area by simply adding some cozy seating space and bookshelves. Or why not use the space as a pantry area, or hallway closet. You just have to find inspiration to transform it into something functional.

2. Use the Space Above the Door

At least one doorway in your home has a little extra space above it. So why not take advantage of this and turn it into something useful. You can use that above door space is for your books and create a single bookshelf running along the top of the wall. Another thing tor try is if you’ve got a tiny bathroom that lacks storage, make use of the space you have by installing a shelf above the door and stack towels.

3. Build a Drop Down Wall Table

Now, if you’re in need of an extra table in your kitchen or study area, a foldable wall mounted table is the best option to try. When the top is up, it’s a desk and when it’s lowered, it becomes a shallow shelf. It’s big enough for a laptop and also works as a dining table for two.

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