5 So-Pretty Braided Hairstyles You Can Do on Curly Hair

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Unless you’re a 15-fingered hair savant with an affinity for complicated weaves and knots, you’ll probably agree with us when we say that braiding is hard. Not hard on a scale of one to performing-actual-open-heart-surgery, but definitely harder than throwing your hair into a topknot. And when you add tight, tangled curls to the mix? Well, let’s just say we give you full permission to give up and go back to bed.
Or, at least that’s what we previously thought. But after watching a ton of our favorite curly-haired beauty bloggers expertly navigate their way through crown braids, double-French braids, and even some three-tiered braided updos, we would like to say that were totally and completely wrong, and would like to see braids and curly hair live a long, harmonious life together forever. And to get you in on this love fest, we pulled the five coolest, prettiest braid tutorials you can actually do on curly hair, below. Watch them, fall in love with them, and then immediately come back here with pictures of your new braids.

1. Double French Braids

If you’re new to the braiding game, even something as simple as French braids can seem challenging on curly hair. But trust us—these three-strand braids are surprisingly easy.

2. Double-Braided Puff

Two tight side braids and a whole bunch of baby bantu knots give definition and volume to this old-school style.

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