5 Smart Storage & Organization Ideas to Steal from the Ace Hotel Chicago

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Guest Room at the Ace Hotel in Chicago

There are many perks to staying at a hotel. Business travelers may cite room service and an in-building gym as reasons for choosing a hotel over other accommodations; honeymooners may gush about romantic views; parents enjoying time away from their children may focus on high thread counts and comfy pillows. For me, the number one reason I love staying at hotels is it guarantees a clutter-free, everything-in-its-place experience.

Hotels are experts at telegraphing that sense of orderliness—and Ace Hotel’s new Chicago location is no exception. Here are some storage and organization takeaways we gleaned from the chain’s latest hipster destination.

Photography by Spencer Lowell.

1. Think beyond shelves

A Wall Rack in a Guest Room at the Ace Hotel in Chicago

Above: A wall of steel tubular rails and hooks (by Brooklyn-based Uhuru Design) has a more minimal profile than a wall of shelves. It’s a great space-saving solution here; in a home, this would be perfect in a hallway.

2. Provide opportunities to both display and stow away.

Minibar at the Ace Hotel Chicago

Above: Open shelves in this built-in minibar, by Ace Hotel’s longtime design collaborator Commune, show off a collection of beverages and snacks (gathered in a custom-made rope basket), while a closed compartment offers a place to hide belongings.
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