5 Closet Organizing Game-Changers From The Container Store’s Mega Sale

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Springtime is basically the New Year for neatniks: the time when organizing resolutions are made, to-do lists are drawn up, and tasks are checked off one by one (or else they’re abandoned by the time summer starts). To help us stick to our closet-cleaning resolutions this year, the Container Store’s mega sale is giving us a few less excuses. Closet organizers are too expensive, you say? Discounts are now up to 25 percent off on over 600 closet-transforming essentials. You don’t know where to begin? Their starter kits will get you going. You don’t know what you’re doing? Their expert tips will help. Okay, are you all out of excuses? Shop the essentials below before the sale ends on May 13, and you’re already halfway to your closet-cleaning goals.

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