4 Brilliant Bedroom Storage Spots You’re Likely Overlooking

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Here’s how to maximize every single inch of space.

If your bedroom closet is filled to the brim and the side chair is overflowing with spare clothes and papers, now’s the time to reevaluate the space in this room. Chances are, there are a few oft-overlooked storage spots you may be missing. The back of your closet door? It’s the perfect place for a hanging magazine rack. The blank space above the bed? Even a small bedroom can fit in a few floating shelves. Once you know where to look, you’ll realize this room has more storage potential than you probably thought possible.

1. Add Storage Above the Bed

Anthropologie Floating Shelves

If the wall above your bed is blank, it’s a missed opportunity for maximizing the room’s storage. Put that wall to work by installing a set of shallow floating shelves, such as these sophisticated white and brass campaign shelves. They can hold vases, knick-knacks, and even air-purifying plants, freeing up valuable space on the top of your dresser and nightstand.

2. Don’t Forget the Closet Door

Back of the Door Storage

Hanging door organizers aren’t just for dorm rooms—there are tons of sophisticated updates to the standard door organizer nowadays. Opt for one designed to hold an overflow of scarves, shoes, or whatever item you can never seem to find a spot for. This fabric option is perfect for stashing books and magazines.

3. Choose Double-Duty Furniture

Pink Target Storage Bench

Considering storage as you shop for furniture can help you sneak in extra organizing ideas all over the room. The bench at the end of your bed can hold blankets, while a well-chosen nightstand can deliver lots of drawer space.

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