15 Simple yet Super Chic Farmhouse Storage Ideas Your Home Needs Right Now!

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If that whole industrial and rustic appeal sported by farmhouse decor and storage solutions is what you find absolutely enchanting, then you would be delighted to know that you can bring the same to your space as well. Functional and unbeatably gorgeous is what we call these 20 farmhouse storage ideas your house needs right now!

1. Multi-Purpose Entryway Storage

Multi-Purpose Entryway Storage

Your entryway can get tons of storage to keep the living room totally mess-free, all with the addition of this lovely storage bench separated into 9 smaller compartments. The boxes within the storage shelf are filled with different boxes and baskets working wonders to store all the hats, gloves, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, keys and whatever you can think of.

The author couples up the pretty white furnish of the bench with a mix of textures to get that farmhouse appeal, going for natural woven baskets, galvanised metal bins, and distressed wood boxes. For the extra decoration, a large mirror is set on top of the bench to make the room appear bigger and a small vase with faux greenery adds color to the space.

Apart from storage, the multi-purpose bench also doubles up at a serving table for buffets, food and drinks when you are planning for a get together or party at home, thereby making the kitchen a little less loaded with guests. Head to the below inspiration by Low Grows Wild to learn more about the gorgeous entryway storage bench.

Idea Details : lovegrowswild

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