15 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

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3. Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

Hidden Outlet Wall Safe

Sometimes, things small in size can be of great value to us, whether in terms of the cost or the preciousness. This hidden safe that looks like an electrical outlet from the outside but pivots out to work as the perfect storage safe, without the need to resort to any codes or secret combinations. Ideal for hiding all your little precious belongings – jewellery, money or cards.

Idea Details : thegadgetflow

4. Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage

Nifty Niches Bathroom Storage

Let the cabinet doors disguise themselves as gorgeous artworks and painting with these Nifty Niches Bathroom Storages embedded inside the walls, that actually are meant to keep the bathroom toiletries, personal care products, towels and much more. In fact, these niches are going to look equally pretty when integrated into a living room, as showcased by BHG in the below quick idea.

Idea Details : bhg

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