15 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

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Sometimes, you might struggle to find a nice storage place to keep some items around the house and get more organized with the stuff, whereas other times you want to be assured of putting some precious treasure of yours at a place that no one can think of. Whether it’s a floorboard, secret cabinet or just false bottom drawers, having a storage space that’s hidden in sight lets you have a great deal of peace and security. Here are 15 Mind Blowing Hidden Storage Ideas Making a Clever Use of Your Household Space!

1. Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Nothing can be better than the idea of integrating drawers into floating shelves when it comes to making great use of space, while retaining the openness of the room at the same time. How these vertical Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves make everything seem so chic and minimal is simply awe-inspiring. Not Just A Housewife takes you through working these shelves-cum-drawers out.

Idea Details : notjustahousewife

2. Unique Hidden Storage Headboard

Unique Hidden Storage Headboard

Small bedrooms don’t quite make it well for storage headboards that feature open shelves or slide outs. Bringing a twist to the concept of headboard storage, this one is a unique way to keep your stuff in a hidden storage, as it takes everything behind the tufting and sports hinged upholstered panels to make everything easy and convenient to handle. Surely an amazing do-it-yourself inspiration!

Idea Details : apartmenttherapy

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