15 Genius Toy Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks for Your Kids’ Room

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2. The Cheeseball Nerf Bullet Organizer

I love this idea. The real reason is because my kids are all about Nerf Guns. The downside to that is that they go bananas shooting the thing and then I find Nerf bullets everywhere.

So when I saw this idea, I immediately got happy because it is a simple way to store all of those bullets. The easier the more likely the kids are to actually use it.

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3. 40+ Lego Storage Ideas

This article is an amazing piece of art. She shares over 40 different ideas from across the web on how to store Legos.

Now, if you have children that are all about Lego’s you know how tedious they are to keep up with. So you’ll be glad you came across the storage resource.

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