15 Genius Toy Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks for Your Kids’ Room

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If you have kids then you know how easy it is for their ‘stuff’ like toys to take over the whole house. So unless you live in a home with the unlimited amount of space, you need to have creative ways to store their ‘stuff.’

But what do you do with it all? And how do you store it in a way that won’t cost a fortune and will still look nice?

Well, that is what I’m going to cover in this post. We will discuss all of the famous ways the internet has birthed new ideas for child ‘stuff’ organization.

Here are some creative ideas to store your kids’ toys and other stuff:

1. Cheap Bath Toys Organizer

Let’s start in the bathroom because we all know this is the birthing place of all kinds of messes. If you find yourself struggling to clean the tub because of all of the toys that are falling all over your head in the process (can you tell I’ve been there?!?), then you need to check out this cheap organizer.

So you need a shower curtain rod, some berry plastic crates, and a zip ties. Then you just connect them to the side of the tub and store all of the stuff that tries to give you a concussion every time you clean the bathtub.

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