15 Garden Tool Storage Hacks Keeping Your Love For Gardening Well-Organized!

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Everyone who is fond of gardening is undoubtedly, familiar with that huge list of tools it comes with. And often it gets a hassle to store the tools properly, making them end up falling all over the place in one corner of the yard or the garage. However, these garden tool storage ideas will help you keep each and every one of those equipments well-managed and easy to reach!

1. Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

A wooden pallet can work quite like a miracle to help you store all your garden tools by letting you build a vertical shelf that’s one of its kind. The fact that most of us have already got a few pallet boards hanging around the garage or the store room, as well as the ease of availability of such boards for almost no cost makes the project even more budget-friendly. The handful of supplies you are going to need to work up the storage is a wooden pallet, a hammer, a pry bar, some heavy duty screws or framing nails, a nice wood stain, and a weatherproofing sealant to make sure the thing lasts for years to come withstanding the harsh effects of changing weather.

This inspiration shared by Fabulessly Frugal attaches the pallet storage to the fence of the yard, but you can also adhere the same to the back of the house or a tool shed. However, a key point to remember is to install the shelf at least a few inches up off the ground to make sure that any leaves, water, or other debris doesn’t get all piled up in the bottom of the pallet.

Idea Details : fabulesslyfrugal

2. DIY Potting Bench with Sink

DIY Potting Bench with Sink

It won’t be an overstatement to call this one no less than a boon for all those who have got gardening as one of their chief passions. And the reason behind stating that is the huge list of features this lovely idea comes with, covering almost all the aspects of gardening, ranging from storage to functionality. To mention a few significant elements of this DIY potting bench, you have got creatively designed shelves to keep some of your pretty plants and pots in style, awesome pegboards to help you hang your gardening tools, an industrial-looking fully-functional sink as well as a hose reel blended into this unique construction.

Lots of pallet wood steals all the credit to achieve this wonderful bench design that comes with ample of storage space underneath to store baskets, watering cans, some gardening clothes, potting soil and much more. Whenever you wish to water the plants or your deck or the whole garden, all you need to do is grab that hose, unroll it and voila! Some bench cleanup holes built into the storage for for excess soil and a cleanup container deserve a special mention.

Idea Details : settingforfour

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