15 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Hacks You Can Pull Off Like a Child’s Play

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When setting up a new pantry, we all make sure to place each and every item and food stuff in their perfect spots in a way that makes the space look amazing and easy-to-grab. But, with time the kitchen seems to have built a life of its very own, making you feel like even the most basic of staples have got buried beneath that mountain of pantry items. Come to your rescue some readily available and super cheap supplies from the Dollar Store that would make you ditch the idea of going for an expensive pantry makeover. To gain a better insight, take a look at these 36 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Hacks You Can Pull Off Like a Child’s Play!

1. Magazine Holder For Kitchen Rack

Magazine Holder For Kitchen Rack

That magazine holder sitting on your office table has got something more to it than just being a work staple. In fact, it can work wonders as a kitchen storage rack too, helping you manage those food cans in the most amazing ways ever, while saving a great deal of counter space at the same time. And some bobby pins will make sure that your stuff stays in perfect place.

DIY Details : pbjstories

2. Kitchen Cabinet Organizing with Containers

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing with Containers

Available for just a few bucks, some plastic containers from The Dollar Store are no less than a boon when it comes to getting your kitchen totally de-cluttered and eliminating those struggles to find all the snacks, breakfast and just about any big and small goodies. Simply stack them on top of each other and use the cabinet more efficiently than ever. Plus, you can always make things much more vibrant by integrating a variety of colors into the hack.

DIY Details : aproverbswife

3. Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover

Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover

Here’s a super innovative refrigerator makeover that features a specific Dollar Store bin for a specific food item, dedicating a well-managed spot for every single thing you intend to store in the fridge. For instance, if you are planning to prepare a quick sandwich, you simply have to grab that sandwich basket which stores each of the items you will need to get it all done.

DIY Details : thedomesticgeekblog

4. Cutlery Drawer Organization

Cutlery Drawer Organization

Most of us have our cutlery trays and drawers stuffed with a whole spectrum of items that simply seem to mingle with each other, making it oh so hard to actually keep them separated and managed. A few Dollar Store baskets when kept in the drawer will not only let you fit some extra forks, spoons and knives into that old drawer, but also get them organized forever.

DIY Details : theelmlife

5. Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover

The transformation from truly messy to perfectly organized sported by this pantry is synonymous to marvelous. And, a clever use of some baskets and bins makes it a child’s play to build such a pantry for your home spending no more than a few dollars. All it takes is some different-sized containers and some baskets from the Dollar Store, all rightly labeled with the appropriate item tags.

DIY Details : howtonestforless

6. Dollar Store Sachet Containers

Dollar Store Sachet Containers

If you have got little kids, you are surely not unfamiliar with those candy packets scattered all over the place. And of course, we have all got lots of tea bags, ketchup sachets and other nitty-gritty things that remain at an unmanaged spot in some random drawer of your kitchen. All you need is some 3 x 9 containers from the Dollar Store to put all those packets in place, having separate columns for the candies, sweet and herbs.

DIY Details : handymancraftywoman

7. Pantry Organizer

Pantry Organizer

Install tension curtain rods in the vertical distance between two shelves of your kitchen and witness how surprisingly easy it becomes to store all your serving trays, platters, and cutting boards, while spacing them oh so perfect. The end results of this super simple hack is truly too good to be true for the style and elegance it brings to your kitchen, that too in a small price.

DIY Details : marthastewart

8. Cutting Board Storage

Cutting Board Storage

Cutting boards are one such utility in your kitchen that serve their purpose almost every single day, and this calls for a nice, convenient storage of the boards. If you have a tiny kitchen, that flat and large shape of the boards often makes them being placed at the bottom of the shelves, unless you screw this wire organizer to your cabinet door, finished with a few zip ties.

DIY Details : thatswhatchesaid

9. Dollar Store Magazine File for Paper Goods

Dollar Store Magazine File for Paper Goods

Fill your little space with a hint of innovation by using vertical spaces in your kitchen amazingly well by effortlessly repurposing readily available, inexpensive magazine file from The Dollar Store and using it to put all those paper plates, corral paper goods and even those packets of hand tissues right in front of you at the counter top. This hack is all about making things easily accessible yet well-organized.

DIY Details : organizingmadefun

10. Canned Food Organization

Canned Food Organization

Are your counter and pantry shelves loaded with canned food that you brought for the whole month’s supplies? Add a kind of splendor to your kitchen organization crafting a DIY Canned Food Organization by putting nifty little baskets from The Dollar Store and fitting all the large and small canned food boxes in them. You can also go for a canned food rack and some food labels.DIY Details : myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

11. $1 Kitchen Drawer Makeover

$1 Kitchen Drawer Makeover

As the name suggests, this one is a gorgeous makeover that calls for no more than $1 to transform your space from a regular pantry to a stunning arrangement of stuff. Vibrantly patterned wrapping paper rolls from Dollar Store when used to reline your kitchen drawers can add a great dash of color in the quickest and cheapest fashion.

DIY Details : sothecooksaid

12. Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator

Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator

It won’t take a rack or shelf occupying a great deal of space in your small kitchen to store the different spice boxes and bottles. Those subtle and purposeful racks attached to the refrigerator are worthy of being the star storage of your kitchen. The supplies you need to pull off the rack include a hot glue gun, some hot glue sticks, a pack of 50 round magnets and 6 pencil holder organizers.

DIY Details : instructables

13. Hanging Pots with Lids on Bedroom Curtains

Hanging Pots with Lids on Bedroom Curtains

You really don’t need to keep the kitchenware confined to the kitchen itself when something as pretty and stylish as these Hanging Pots can be pulled off, using your bedroom space with great elegance. Let the bedroom curtains work as hangers for not only the pots and pans, but also their lids. All you need to grab is a bunch of S-hooks and big binder clips from Dollar Store.

DIY Details : reddit

14. Dollar Store Kitchen Organization

Dollar Store Kitchen Organization

Measuring that huge list of ingredients to create the perfect ratio needed for pulling off an amazing recipe seems to be a complicated task at most times. But, the Dollar Store has an awesome range of measuring spoons and tools to get it all done like a piece of cake, making it much easier with a do-it-yourself conversion chart that you can simply download and print.

DIY Details : ishouldbemoppingthefloor

15. Lazy Susan for Organizing Kitchen Stuff

Lazy Susan for Organizing Kitchen Stuff

Going for Lazy Susan from the Dollar Store to organize a complete variety of kitchen stuff, including the sink-cleaning supplies, all those bottles, jars and cans, as well as eatables stored in the refrigerator can beautify your kitchen all the way more, creating a sense of convenience to reach just about anything you want in a jiffy. Simple rotate the tray and grab the items!

DIY Details : acasarella

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