15 DIY Garage Storage Ideas To Help You Reinvent Your Garage On A Budget

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3. Lovely Bike Shelf

Lovely Bike Shelf

If you are the type of woman who always loves to take her bike out for a ride, then you certainly know just how challenging it is to store all the essentials (a small snack, your water bottle and so forth). Regardless of whether you plan on going on a short trip or if you want to go and buy groceries, this is a smart, affordable and space-effective storage hack that will definitely come in handy for you, next time you take your bike out of the house!

Project Source – daily.sightline

4. Screwdriver Coat Rack

Screwdriver Coat Rack

The screwdrivers are undoubtedly one of the most important tools for every mechanic or just a simple car owner – you do not need to be a professional handyman to know that a small multi-functional screwdriver can take you a very long way! However, the actual problem arises when you are trying to store the screwdriver, especially when you have too many of them! Here is a lovely alternative to the classic screwdriver rack, as we all know it.

Project Source and Tutorial – homemade-modern

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