13 Tricks That Squeeze Every Inch Out of a Small Closet

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4. Rearrange Your Shoes

Storing shoes is every girl’s nightmare, but don’t stress. You can fit more pairs on a shelf when you position each shoe facing the opposite direction. Try some cubbies to help keep everything tidy.

5. Use A Hanging Organizer

You can double up the number of clothes you store in your closet by adding a second level with a rod. Not to mention it has hooks on the side for purses and other accessories. Even that early 2000s fedora you STILL can’t part with (it’s never going to happen, okay?!).

6. Hang Accessories

This sliding organizer, perfect for hanging scarves and belts, ensures easy access to the depths of your closet. And it’s totally easy to DIY yourself!

Get the tutorial at The View Along The Way.

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