13 Shoe Storage Solutions To Blow Your Mind Without Bottoming Out Your Budget

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2. Store Shoes in Peak Condition

Thought stepladders were just for climbing? Not anymore. We used ours as the framework for a shoe storage solution to rival all others. Simply set your step ladder up in an unused corner and place pine wood shelving over each set of rungs. Voila! Instant shoe storage.

It’s inventive, it’s practical and it holds every shoe your family can find to throw at it.

An economical choice of storage solution, this one is easy to assemble using materials you probably already have around the house.

3. Climb the Ladder to the Top of the Organization

Who knew a simple ladder could provide multiple functions? Lean it in the kitchen or bath to hold your favorite collectible linens. But when you display in the entryway or bedroom, it becomes spectacular shoe storage.

Ladders like the one we used abound at flea markets and garage sales. Pick one up for nearly nothing and put it to good use when it’s time to store your favorite heels.

You don’t even have to mount it — just lean and fill. How easy is that

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