13 Craft Room Storage Ideas That Totally Work Whether You’re Handy Or Not

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Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m totally writing this list as a way to research ideas for my own home while I’m at work.

You see, I’m currently in the midst of transforming my spare bedroom into the arts and crafts studio of my dreams. That means a lot of Pinterest time and not a lot of focus on other things…like my job.

So two birds, one stone. Let’s go!

1. Repurpose an old dresser into stealthy, beautiful craft storage.

I’m totally planning to do this. I even have an old dresser in my spare room. Creative choices of dividers and containers can make it both efficient and beautiful.This blogger used paper storage boxes to perfectly fit her large collection of craft paints.

2. Repurpose vintage boxes and crates.

This tutorial turns old wine crates into perfect cubby storage for craft paints. Vintage milk or soda crates would also work well.And if you’re not up to DIYing it, many craft stores sell new versions.

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