12 Budget-Friendly Makeup Storage Solutions

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You have spent years cultivating the perfect makeup collection. You have every type of eye shadow pallet imaginable and a shade of blush for every occasion – you should be incredibly proud of yourself. But if your makeup is just thrown about, unorganized, how you can possibly appreciate everything you’ve worked towards?! The key to being a real makeup fanatic is keeping all that beautiful makeup organized – preferably in a creative, DIY way! Looking to get inspired? Check out these 12 brilliant ways to organize your glorious makeup collection.

Candle Jars

Candle Glasses
These candle jars can be purchased at the Dollar Store or you can re-purpose the candle jars you have hanging around your house! Hot glue them together in whatever shape you’d like (think a pyramid or an octagon!) and store your makeup in the clear storage containers.

Rolling Makeup Cart

Rolling Makeup Cart
If you’re not the commitment type, a rolling makeup station might be for you. You can buy these carts new or at an antique store, you can even paint it a fun color or stencil on your favorite quote just to give your makeup a bit more pizzazz.
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