10 easy ways to get more organized with magnets

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Uses for Magnets

I think that as far as storage solutions go, magnets are pretty underrated. Magnets are cheap, effective, and easy to attach to things. (You don’t even need to use special adhesive magnets – I just use my trusty hot glue gun!) But the really great thing about magnets is that you can use them to store things on a vertical surface. And your home is full of vertical surfaces that are just waiting to be used for extra storage, like your walls, doors, cupboard doors, and more!

So today I wanted to show you some great storage and organization ideas using magnets that I’ve come across over the years. I’ve gathered 10 different magnetic solutions that you can use around your house to add useful storage and get more organized. I hope you’ll end up feeling as “attracted” to these ideas as I am! (I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist throwing in at least one magnet pun!)

10. Ways To Organize With Magnets

Uses for Magnets

1. Spices

Stick magnets to the backs of your spice containers. You can keep them on the side of your fridge, or on the inside of a cupboard. Not only does it make your spices easy to identify while you’re cooking, but it also makes it easy to see when you’re running out of something.

Uses for Magnets

2. Knives

Hang a magnetic knife bar in your kitchen to store your knifes and other metal kitchen tools. They keep everything handy, and it also adds visual interest to your kitchen walls.

Uses for Magnets

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