10 Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Every Type of Skin-Care Concern

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We asked some of the most well-known dermatologists to find out their favorite products for all your everyday skin woes.

1. Spot treatment for acne

If home remedies aren’t working for you Dennis Gross, MD, New York City-based dermatologist and founder of Dennis Gross Skincare, suggests a sulfur-based medication, such as the Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask, to dry out the spot. “Sulfur controls the oil that feeds bacteria, thus reducing spots altogether. Sulfur also calms through osmosis to relieve swelling and draws out the infection to flatten the blemish. Once the blemish is flattened and the infection is gone, the redness will begin to subside.”

2. All over acne

If ongoing breakouts are your issue, try retinoids either over-the-counter (retinol) or prescription, as an acne treatment. “I find that compared to other treatments they are beneficial for not just treating acne, but also preventing new acne from forming,” Sejal Shah, MD, FAAD, dermatologist in New York. “They help prevent that initial stage of the follicle getting clogged and can also help with some of the post acne residua such as

3. Large pores

“Products that purge the pores of oil or help normalize oil chemistry are essential,” says Dr. Gross who designed his Acne Eliminating Pads for this very purpose. “These are meant to provide deep penetration – keep an eye out for products with salicylic acid and witch hazel extract to reduce pores, glycolic and lactic acid to exfoliate, and willow bark extract to improve skin’s clarity.” And be sure to avoid these bad habits that can clog pores.

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