10 Common Wardrobe Storage Mistakes

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Every person has to store clothes somehow, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. Sometimes favorite and expensive clothes are ruined because of that.

In this article, Bright Side will tell you about 10 common mistakes you should avoid to keep your clothes as good as new.

10. Incorrectly storing seasonal clothes

Before you put away your clothes for seasonal storage, get all your outer clothing dry-cleaned. Don’t put uncleaned clothes into the wardrobe because your fur coat might lose its original shine, and leather clothes might become less glossy and flexible. Another thing you should not forget to do is put some insecticides on your clothes.

9. Vacuum packaging all sorts of clothing

Vacuum bags have become very popular lately, but this way of storage is not good for fur and genuine leather because the clothes will “suffocate” without an oxygen supply. They will have an unpleasant smell, outer parts will be sticky, and fur will be broken and damaged.

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